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Angan Supplies was born out over two decades of community/philanthropic services, during which team members: 1) facilitated world-wide purchases of goods and services; 2) organized international festivals, cultural/educational trips; 3) established host-family relationship between Ghana and USA families; 4) established one-of –a kind full service business center in Tamale, Northern Ghana with link to major supply routes in Accra, the United States and worldwide.

Equipped with the expertise gained from the services above, along with decades of combined experienced in customer-service, public health research, economic evaluations including international work on HIV/AIDS prevention logistics in eight countries and three dozen facilities, teaching , retail business, work and travel experience in the United States, Malaysia, Vietnam, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Botswana, Ethiopia, the United Kingdom, among others, we consolidated our expertise to form Angan to give our customers the best value for their investment.

Since 2011 Angan Supplies has become a leading supplier of all types mining and general office and industrial equipment, supplies and safety gear for mining companies, businesses and individuals. Our client and product sources include Goldfields, Ghana Manganese Company (GMC), IB-dot-Com, T-Wise Computers, DELL, Evertek, John Deere, Caterpillar, Rotary Corp, Turf Pro, and individuals from United States, China, India, Ghana, Canada, South Africa, Liberia, and many others. We continue to serve individual custom orders and also provide services at cost or on a sliding-scale, as well as book donation to educational institutions. We use major logistics services - DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS and a host of dedicated international shipping agents for quick delivery.

We deal with a wide range of products, including Dozer Undercarriage, Caterpillar, Grouser-bars, Bobcat, cylinder heads, crucibles, consumables, Safety materials (PPEs), Welding wire, welder’s glasses, leather bib Aprons, leggings, leather jackets, hand gloves and helmets including auto-darkening, Sanders, starters. Car/Truck/Machinery Parts/Tools, Hose Assy, Break Assy, Impact Wrench, Door Pad, Turbo Charger, Oil-filters, VEE-BELT, Spindle Bearing Housing, Sprocket, Plate Sprocket, Hose Clips; IT/Computer Network, Notebook, Tough book, Photo-Copiers, Printers, Toner Cartridges, Toyota-Matrix, Nissan-Rogue, Toyota-RAV4, Toyota-Tundra, Pontiac-G6, Office Supplies, Cell phones and more.

Angan's Services

Angan is specialized in sourcing, procurement, supply & logistics of Mining & Industrial Equipment. Our team is highly experienced and efficient. Request a Quote for a quick response from our sales team.


Angan's Procurement team can locate and source your difficult to obtain items.


Once you approve, we will secure your item and ensure timely delivery.


Manage the entire supply chain through Angan's Global relationship with major Brands/Vendors.


Provide end to end logistics of your shipment from anywhere like USA, China, Malaysia etc.

Industry Specialty

Mining, Timber & Agricultural Industries

Regions Served

Ghana, Mali & other West African Countries

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